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Weapons Offenses

Illegal possession or use of a firearm is a felony crime in Illinois. Upon conviction, you face the real possibility of prison time. Use of a weapon during the commission of a crime carries enhancements that can dramatically lengthen a sentence.

Illinois Gun Charge Attorney

If you have been arrested on a weapons charge in Illinois, you cannot afford anything less than a strong and effective defense effort.

I am Harvey C. Welch, a criminal defense attorney with more than 30 years experience in the defense of people charged with weapons crimes and other felonies. During that time, I have seen courts become ever more strict regarding alleged gun crimes. I am committed to providing strong and aggressive defense representation to people facing these serious charges:

Contact me for a free consultation and to learn more about possible defense strategies. If you choose my firm to represent you, I will fight for your rights and freedom.

Defending People Accused of Weapons Charges

Weapons charge cases present many of the legal issues and defenses that drug cases do. You have constitutional rights regarding your person. The police must follow proper procedures when investigating and making an arrest. Any search warrant must be properly drawn. The state must show that the gun was in your possession and, depending on the crime, that it was accessible to you.

Any one of these or other legal issues may enable me to suppress evidence and obtain a dismissal of the charge. Whenever it is possible based on the facts and the law, this will be my goal. The Law Offices of Harvey C. Welch will aggressively defend you in hearings and, if need be, at trial.

You will have confidence, knowing that an experienced criminal defense lawyer is on your side, fighting for your rights and freedom.

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For a free consultation with an experienced Champaign weapons charge attorney, contact the law offices of Harvey C. Welch.

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