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Robbery & Armed Robbery

People often confuse robbery and burglary. A burglary is an unauthorized entry with intent to steal. A robbery is a face-to-face encounter, which may be for something of modest value, worth only a few dollars. Strong-arm robbery involves force or the threat of force — like a purse snatching or pretending to have a gun while robbing a fast food place.

Experienced Champaign-Urbana Criminal Defense Attorney

Armed robbery is a Class X felony that involves a dangerous weapon. If the weapon in question is a gun, 15 years may be added onto the sentence. If the gun is fired, 20 years may be added. If someone is hurt or killed, the sentence is 25 years up to natural life. Under Illinois law, no one convicted of a Class X felony gets probation.

A Property Crime That Is Also a Crime of Violence

A charge of robbery may involve an incident that can be very confusing. Very often the charge arises from an altercation such as a bar fight. After the fight, one side may accuse the other of stealing a wallet or cash. If the other person used any kind of weapon — a knife, a stick, a roll of pennies — the charge may be boosted to armed robbery.

My firm has successfully defended individuals accused of various kinds of armed robbery, including liquor store holdups, bank robberies, convenience store robberies and muggings. There are many kinds of defenses to robbery charges, ranging from poor police procedure to mistaken identity. Be assured that I will use all my experience and all my skill to fashion a defense that will defend your rights and your freedom.

Have you been charged with robbery or armed robbery? Call Champaign violent crimes and property crimes attorney Harvey C. Welch at 217-903-2452 or toll free at 888-371-0807.

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