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Burglary, Theft & Property Offenses

At my firm, the law offices of Harvey C. Welch, I defend people accused of all types of property crimes in the Champaign-Urbana area, including theft, shoplifting and burglary. I am aggressive, experienced and determined to obtain the best possible outcome for every client.

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I am Harvey C. Welch, an attorney who vigorously defends people accused of crimes. If you have been arrested for a property crime, I would like to speak with you. I will work tenaciously to defend your rights and preserve your freedom.

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Illinois Burglary and Theft Attorney

An open and shut case? Not so fast.

During my many years of practice, I have learned that what might seem to be an open and shut case is not always that simple. For example, in a burglary case, the state must demonstrate several elements, including unauthorized entry. In a shoplifting case, the state must show that the accused had larceny in his or her heart when entering a store. As your defense lawyer, my job will be to make the state's job impossible, or at least as difficult as I can. If a means to obtain a dismissal of the charge exists, I will find it. From the start of your case to its conclusion, my firm will defend you energetically, seeking the best possible outcome for you.

Avoiding Jail and a Criminal Record

First-time offenders may be able to avoid jail and a criminal record through a deferred prosecution outcome. With deferred prosecution, the charge is dismissed after a period of time provided that you stay out of trouble. Before you seek this type of result, I will review your situation and explain your options.

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Do not delay. The sooner you get defense representation, the better off you will be.

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