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Defending Students Charged With Crimes

Conviction for DUI, a drug charge or another crime can result in a jail term. In addition, there are other serious consequences. You may get a criminal record that will follow you for life, preventing you from entering into certain professions such as law, medicine or banking.

Illinois College Student Criminal Defense Attorney

I am Harvey C. Welch, an attorney with more than 30 years' experience defending students charged with crimes in the Champaign-Urbana area. I am aggressive, knowledgeable in the law and determined to obtain the best possible outcome for every client.

My firm defends students and young people charged with:

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Defending Your Rights and Freedom

My firm will work to build a strong and effective defense for you. I will examine every factual and legal issue in your case, seeking a way to obtain a dismissal of the charge. I will place particular emphasis on seeking an outcome that not only minimizes the penalties you face, but also keeps a conviction off your record. Fortunately, in many cases (particularly those involving first-time offenders) it is possible to avoid a permanent criminal record. I will work diligently to defend your rights and freedom every step of the way.

Why Hire a Private Defense Lawyer?

University of Illinois Student Legal Services can provide you with defense representation if you are charged with a misdemeanor. However, the attorneys at that office carry heavy caseloads. As a result, your case may not get the attention it deserves.

For aggressive, results-oriented representation, you should consider hiring your own defense attorney. While this will cost more, you will be assured that your case is being handled by an experienced defense advocate who has your rights and interests in mind.

Don't take chances with your future. Get legal help today.

Free Consultation With an Attorney

For a free consultation about defending a DUI, student drug offense or other charge, contact the Law Offices of Harvey C. Welch.

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