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Champaign Juvenile Offenses Lawyer

In Illinois, juvenile offenders are treated much the same as adults. The biggest differences are that there are separate jails and that minors are not entitled to jury trials.

In my practice, I have defended many hundreds of young men and women charged with a variety of crimes. Some of them are the kinds of crimes you associate with younger people — drug possession, assault and battery, shoplifting, theft, underage DUI and reckless driving. I also take cases alleging domestic violence, sexual offenses, burglary and crimes of violence.

One of my proudest moments as a lawyer was when I kept a young man out of adult court, freeing him at age 21 instead of age 35. What a huge difference that made to him and to his family!

Effective Bloomington Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney

These are some of the areas I work in:

I have defended students attending the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and Illinois State University-Bloomington, as well as Parkland Community College. I welcome calls from students themselves or from family members.

Knowledge of the Law • A Philosophy of Respect • Juvenile Criminal Defense

In all cases, my practice is to treat the accused and his or her family with sympathy and respect. A young person accused of a crime is at a precarious crossroads. Handled right, the young person learns from the experience. Young people without proper defense and support are often punished the most, with lasting negative results.

Is your son or daughter in trouble with the law? Contact Champaign juvenile offenses attorney Harvey C. Welch at 217-903-2452 or toll free at 888-371-0807.

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