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Champaign-Urbana Criminal Defense Lawyer

Why should you hire me, defense attorney Harvey C. Welch? Because I know the kind of trouble you're in, and I have helped thousands before you reach a better outcome than they thought possible.

I defend people charged with every kind of criminal offense. I defend people in federal court against charges of fraud, conspiracy, drug trafficking and possession of child pornography. I defend people in state court against charges involving DUI/DWI, juvenile offenses, marijuana possession, theft and probation violations.

I do it all, and my clients are grateful for the results.

30 Years Standing Tall With the Underdog

A lot of criminal defense attorneys start their careers as prosecutors. It is steady work and it provides lots of courtroom experience. I never went that route. I suppose I have a bit of a rebellious streak. I have always found it satisfying to defend an individual against the power of resources, especially in federal cases, where United States Attorneys are backed by criminal laboratories and the FBI and other state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Harvey C. Welch and the Zero-Witness Defense

One successful approach I often use is the zero-witness defense. Instead of calling up a dozen witnesses to testify on my client's whereabouts, my strategy is to bear down on the case the prosecution has just made. I analyze the picture and then I take it apart, bit by bit, showing how it may be superficially persuasive, but it does not add up logically.

I have won murder cases this way, obtaining an acquittal without calling a single witness. Not every defense lawyer is up to this. I say this not out of ego, but out of simple confidence in my experience and my analytical abilities. And it's a better way — why call witnesses who may contradict one another and hurt your case, when all you have to do is show that the prosecution's case is full of holes?

Defending Everyone · White Collar · Blue Collar · No Collar at All

I practice defense in state and local courts as well as in the Central District and Southern District federal courts.

When I walk down the streets in Champaign-Urbana, people recognize me. They may not remember the name, but I'm that lawyer they read about in the newspapers, who takes difficult cases and finds a way to win.

Analytical Illinois DUI/Drug Crimes Attorney

Are you in trouble with the law? You need to put the law to work for you. Call Champaign-Urbana criminal defense attorney Harvey C. Welch at 217-903-2452, toll free 888-371-0807, or write him using this online form.

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