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Champaign Possession of Marijuana Defense Lawyer

A conviction for possession of drugs will damage your livelihood, your education and your reputation. It doesn't matter if it's possession of marijuana, synthetic marijuana, crack, cocaine, methamphetamine, Ecstasy or prescription drugs — possession is a serious charge and the state wants to make an example of you.

Aggressive Illinois Possession of Cocaine Attorney

My law firm has represented thousands of individuals against possession charges, most of them young people who had no inkling they could get into such trouble.

I get involved at every point in a possession case, from initial appearance, bond hearings and investigations to preliminary hearings, motion hearings, trial and violations of probation. My approach is often to cast doubt on the process in your arrest, making sure that your rights were respected and that the evidence is reliable.

Marijuana Possession • Heroin Possession • Ecstasy Possession

My first goal is to have your case dismissed, and I have enjoyed great success with this approach. In other cases, I have successfully negotiated for penalties that are proportionate to the crime and are not destructive to the offender's future.

My firm treats the accused and his or her family with sympathy and respect. My view is that a young person charged with simple possession is at an important crossroads. Handled right, the young person learns from the experience. Very often the difference between a positive result and a negative one is a skilled lawyer.

Has your son or daughter been charged with possession? Call experienced Champaign possession of marijuana defense attorney Harvey C. Welch at 217-903-2452.

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