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Champaign Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer

Charges of drug manufacturing and cultivation are very serious in Illinois. Prosecutors seek lengthy sentences and heavy fines for convicted offenders.

Champaign Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney

The most common situations are operating a meth lab or growing marijuana for distribution. Because offenders are part of the supply chain and not just end-users, prosecutors do not hold back in these cases. They will come at you with guns blazing. This is why you need to hire the most experienced, most knowledgeable drug crimes defense attorney you can find.

We Defend Against Charges of Drug Distribution

We employ a battery of tactics to defend against a drug manufacturing or cultivation charge.

  • We challenge the process during the arrest, making sure that your premises were entered legally, with a valid search warrant.
  • We show the court when there is reasonable doubt that you had knowledge of participation in the manufacture or cultivation.
  • We challenge the testimony of informants, who often have their own reasons for implicating you.
  • When necessary, we argue for punishments that are proportional and will not have devastating consequences for you or your family.

Move Quickly to Hire a Lawyer to Defend You

If you have been charged with manufacturing or cultivating, I urge you to contact my office immediately. I defend against drug charges at both state and federal levels.

Before you talk to the police, put an experienced lawyer in your corner, advising you and charting a strategy that will protect your rights and freedoms.

Charged with manufacturing or growing? Call experienced Illinois drug cultivation charges attorney Harvey C. Welch at 217-903-2452 or toll free at 888-371-0807.

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