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Champaign DUI Repeat Offense Lawyer

If you have ever been pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and you have just been pulled over again, the penalties are harsher than they used to be.

For a second offense, a mandatory jail sentence is a strong possibility. Fines are stiffer than before, and your driver's license will probably be revoked.

In Illinois, a third DUI arrest may be charged as a felony. Multiple DUI/DWIs and felony DUI often result in lengthy prison sentences, mandatory alcohol counseling and hefty fines plus the payment of restitution for any damages you may have caused.

Providing Offenders With Knowledgeable Habitual DUI Defense

Your best hope for minimizing these harsh penalties is to hire a DUI lawyer who has been helping people fight convictions for more than 30 years.

My name is Harvey C. Welch. I was getting DUI charges reduced or dismissed before some of my clients were even born. My depth of knowledge of the law is undisputed in this part of Illinois. I can help you, too, but you need to call me.

Experienced Illinois Second Offense DUI Attorney

From the moment you call me, I will spring into action on your behalf. I will investigate the evidence in your case with great thoroughness. One of my skills is the ability to see defects in the state's case. If I can show that the arrest was made improperly or that no probable cause justified your being pulled over and searched, your chances for dismissal are quite good.

A dismissal is not always possible, of course. The course of action then is to resolve your case with minimum damage to your family, your career and your freedoms.

Multiple-offense DUIs often lead to prison time. For reliable help, call Champaign DUI repeat offense attorney Harvey C. Welch at 217-903-2452 or toll free at 888-371-0807. Or write me using this online form.

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