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Champaign DUI License Suspension Lawyer

Maintaining driving privileges is the No. 1 objective of most people who are arrested on suspicion of DUI. But during the police stop, drivers accused of DUI for the first time are given an excruciating choice:

  • Take the test and fail — causing you to lose your license for six months
  • Refuse to take the test — and lose your license for 12 months

Strategizing Your Drunk Driving Defense

Your DUI case is heard in a court of law, but your license suspension hearing is held at a local Department of Motor Vehicles office. But suspension decisions are still based on law and an experienced attorney is your best asset in a hearing.

Illinois Interlock Device Defense Attorney

In my practice, I work hard to communicate to you what is at stake and to involve you in the decisions. Your experience will be much less frightening when you have a clear understanding of the process and an experienced lawyer looking out for you.

DUIs lead to license revocation. To restore driving privileges, call Champaign DUI license suspension attorney Harvey C. Welch at 217-903-2452 or toll free at 888-371-0807. Or write me using this online form.

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