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Probation Violations

Illinois Probation Violation Attorney

Probation violation cases are tough to win. But in many cases, there are defenses and legal strategies that can produce a good outcome.

I am Harvey C. Welch, a defense attorney with extensive experience in probation violation cases. I aggressively defend my clients, using the law and my advocacy skills to preserve their freedom.

If you have been arrested on suspicion of violating probation, I would like to speak with you. In a free consultation, I can review your situation and discuss what my firm can do to resolve your probation status.

Contact the law offices of Harvey C. Welch for a free consultation about your case.

Reinstating Probation Status

As your lawyer, I will carefully review the circumstances of your probation and the nature of the alleged violation. If yours is a "technical" probation violation, it may be possible to persuade the judge to reinstate your probation with the same or different conditions. For example, there may be a plausible reason why you missed a drug treatment session or failed to report to your probation officer. In these situations, I will make your case with clarity and passion.

If, however, you are accused of committing a crime while on probation, the best response is to aggressively defend you on that charge, seeking a dismissal or not guilty verdict. Then it may be possible to seek reinstatement of your probation status.

Whatever your situation, you can depend on the law offices of Harvey C. Welch for skillful, results-oriented representation.

Contact a Champaign Probation Violation Attorney

For a free initial consultation about a probation or parole violation case, contact the law offices of Harvey C. Welch.

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